Rockaway Bedding ripped me off-disabled

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 0 comments

I am disabled, and spent a good amount of borrowed money to buy a Natural Botanical Tenafly Latex (Pure Bliss) bed from Rockaway Bedding , in Middletown, NY a few years ago.They sent me a bed (mattress) that hurts so bad, I cannot even stand up and walk for awhile after trying to sleep on it.

I can not afford another bed, even though I contacted the NYS BBB, and reported it, only to find out Rockaway in NY went bankrupt, which meant my warranty could not help me.Sleeps.The Mattres professioals, contactd me, and told me that they were stepping up to help the BBB in cases like mine, and would let me but The Pue Bliss Laytes Natural Bed for te Managers price, but since I spent all the money I had, I canot do that, so I sleep on a futon.Help!


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